The Dolphin Neurostim OTC is a hand-held microcurrent Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) device,

specifically designed for the temporary relief of muscular pain.





The Dolphin Neurostim OTC is engineered to detect and stimulate areas of low resistance on the body. 



This unique approach for the temporary relief of pain has been developed with the input from healthcare

professionals and has been thoroughly tested for over 30 years. The Dolphin Neurostim releases or relaxes

contracted and spastic muscles or treatment points.  Applying the Dolphin to these points "releases" the muscles 

and permits increased reinnervation of their neural pathways.  In other words,

by relaxing the muscles there is less pressure on the nerves which calms the merve pathways, permitting greater range of motion

and increased functionality.  Also, by keeping the muscles soft you guard against further injury while maintaining

optimal health of muscle tissue. 

A simple, all natural approach for the temporary relief of pain when and where you need it. 


In addition to pain relief, M.P.S. works to release scars as well.

Surgery is the leading cause of adhesions in the body, and C-sections are the number one surgery performed in the US, with over

1.3 million performed annually in the USA alone.  Adhesions develop naturally when there is internal trauma to our bodies, such as surgical

operations.  Many women are not aware of the risks that adhesions pose until after they have gone under the knife. 

How does it work?

The Dolphin is applied to each side of the visible scars, transferring gentle, DC microcurrent deep into the tissue of the skin.

When the microcurrent enters the body, it helps electrically "repolarize", or release, the thickened scar tissue, as well as

release fascia and muscles impinged by the scarring.  Circulation is also increased, which in turn, helps the lymphatic

system remove dead cells form the body and encourages blood flow and healing to the area.  

All of this helps return mobility, improve appearance, and decrease pain both at the site of the scar and anywhere else in the body

that scar may be affecting.  In many cases, relief can be felt with one application!


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