What is Reflexology? 

Reflexology is the science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the glands, organs 

and parts of the body.  Stimulating these reflexes properly can help many health problems in a natural way, a type of preventative maintenance. 

Here at Tranzform Wellness, sometimes we combine Reflexology with Aromatherapy and use Essential Oils to help stimulate a specific body area. 

Also, we finish the session with hot stones to help relieve stress and tension. 

Is Reflexology new?

No. In fact it was practiced as early as 2330 B.C. by the Egyptian culture.  Here in the US, a woman named Eunice Ingham, published her book on reflexology

in 1938 and was a pioneer in this field. It is her family founding the International Institute for Reflexology,

that teaches the Ingham method of reflexology all over the world, still today. 


What does Reflexology do?

Primarily, it relaxes tension in the corresponding area, that relieves stress and tension for that particular body part/system and improves nerve and blood supply.  

Reflexology helps achieve homeostasis or normalization for the body.   


Can reflexology make a condition worse?

No, it cannot make any conditions worse. 

It only helps nature to normalize body functions.

It is a safe effective way to better health.  


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