Relaxing Massage

Ultimate Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage is form of bodywork that aims at relieving tension
in the upper layers of tissue in the body 
and is a highly effective method
of releasing chronic stress.
90 mins...$90 - 60 mins...$65 - 30 mins...$40


Rain Drop Massage

Swedish style of massage coupled with essential oils that relaxes and relieves the entire body.

Like tiny drops of rain down the spine, specific essential oils are applied and pushed into the tissue with a hot,
moist towel to open the pores and allow the oils to penetrate. While coupled with relaxing massage this application
provides many physical benefits including opening the sinuses, relaxing respiratory tracts, relieving chronic discomfort,
increasing vitality,and balancing energy.  75 mins...$80


A visit to Tranzform Wellness can be a great escape from a hectic day. 
Allow our licensed technician to pamper you with Essential Oils and Massage,

While enjoying an environment of soft music and lighting,

your mind and body to a place of total relaxation. 


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